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the path of alignment

5 days of radical transformation in the healing energy vortex of Tulum, Mexico.

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The ultimate experience of self discovery, shedding the expectations and projections from others so you can connect to and embody your most authentic self.

enjoy your own private heart-shaped pool in the jungle cabins at Sanctuary-Om Tulum

  • align your mind, body and soul

  • connect to your intuition

  • gain confidence in expressing yourself authentically

  • release stuck energies from your body

  • create space for the energy frequency you most desire

  • understand your soul’s journey on a deeper level

  • create your path to true fulfillment

  • develop connections with other soul-led women

  • awaken the divine feminine through dance, play and laughter 

  • experience the unique healing energy of connecting with the natural environment in Tulum

expect to

through conscious connected breathwork and human design

What is conscious connected


It's a powerful way to move stuck energy and emotions held within the body. At the beginning of each session, you will set some intentions before going into meditative breathing, and then start the active Conscious Connected breathing pattern, which is a continuous circular breathing pattern into the belly without pauses.


As you breathe and go deeper into your subconscious mind, the music will become more intense and you will come to a "peak" with your breath. This is when your body releases what's no longer serving you. In the next phase, you will start the integration continuing to breathe in the same pattern until you meet the last phase, which is the rest phase.


After the session, you will do calming activities and spend some time journaling and reflecting on what came up for you during the session, as you connect deeper with yourself.  

Breathwork can assist you in releasing habits, belief systems, emotions, trauma, or inner child wounds that you've been holding onto energetically, which are no longer serving you.

the group activity space at Sanctuary-Om Tulum

  • having a deeper understanding of yourself

  • connecting with yourself on a deeper level

  • reaching a higher state of consciousness

  • releasing stuck energy held in the cells

  • letting go of emotions

  • nervous system regulation*

  • improved stress response*

  • improved pain management*

  • improved immune system

  • improved sleep quality

  • increased energy

  • increased creativity

  • more self love


*vagus nerve stimulation helps to improve the stress response, regulate the nervous system, and improve pain management

Some benefits of breathwork include: 

It may take a few sessions before you're able to go very deep in the practice, and this retreat will include multiple sessions of Conscious Connected Breathwork, specifically focused around the Human Design energy centers.

Each person will have different experiences. We invite you to come into each breathwork session with an open mind and enjoy the benefits. 

a safe place for women

to explore the deep layers of who you are at a soul level, release what’s no longer serving you, and step into the gifts of your higher self.

What is

human design?

It's the science of understanding yourself on a soul level. Human Design combines the ancient wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, the Kaballah (rooted in sacred geometry) with Chakras and Quantum physics.


Based on your birthdate, time and location, we can identify core themes in your life as well as unique gifts and skills you obtain. Many people can make sense of WHY they are the way they are after a Human Design reading.

A large reason that many of us experience frustration, anger, bitterness, burnout or simply resistance in our lives is a result of not living in alignment with our Human Design - who our soul came here to be. This is because we've often been conditioned by society or external influences to be someone we're not.


Human Design can be applied to any area of your life (business, relationships, health, etc.) to create more fulfillment, ease and flow.

Living in ALIGNMENT with your Human Design can result in:

  • making soul-aligned decisions

  • recognizing when you’re mis-aligned

  • connecting to your intuition

  • increasing self-awareness & confidence

  • optimizing your health & energy

  • avoiding burnout, fatigue, & frustration

  • improving sleep quality

  • improving your relationships

  • learning where you most need boundaries

  • understanding your gifts & strengths

  • finding meaningful, fulfilling work

  • achieving success in business

  • manifesting your desires with ease

  • living with more joy & intention

Image by Jared Rice

As a retreat participant, you will receive a 24+ page PDF outlining the interpretation of your Human Design (HD) chart. We will be focusing on optimizing the flow of energy within your HD energy centers (correlated with the chakras) during the breathwork sessions.

meet your hosts



is a certified Conscious Connected international breathwork facilitator born in Canada. She has a deep passion to guide transformation in others lives. 


Aubrey has dedicated her life to helping others step into their own vibrational shift and embrace new beginnings. With her calm presence and playful spirit you will be guided on embracing your true essence through her sessions. 


When she's not hosting retreats, Aubrey coaches women on how to take control of their finances, build wealth and invest in real estate. She also writes her own women’s empowerment films as the founder of Feminine Fraud Productions. 


is an Alignment Coach with a trauma-informed certification, and has been serving clients for over 9 years in the wellness industry. She is passionate about helping women live their happiest, healthiest, most aligned lives.


Martina previously worked with clients as a Personal Trainer, Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist. She now helps ambitious women heal the roots of anxiety and burnout through a holistic approach including somatic practices, inner child healing and Human Design

She enjoys spending time in nature, moving her body through dance, yoga, and lifting weights, and recording episodes for her podcast, Aligned As F*ck.



You'll be first in line once we open registration with early-bird pricing.

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We are SO EXCITED that you're interested in joining us in Tulum for this magical, transformative retreat!

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